Q. What is elexxer.net?
A. elexxer.net is an upcoming online portal for all the IT stuff. which includes Security, Networking, IoT & Linux. And since i am into Gaming as well thus i will be posting about Reviews of new games, their nitty gritty stuff and so on. elexxer.net will also try Review the product in the domain of IT. And also at last i am working on some tools related to the Software side and you guys can find those when i publish them on this website under the dropdown "TOOLS".

Q. Where can I follow elexxer.net on social media?
A. At present elexxer.net is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube. You can follow elexxer.net there. here are the links :

Q. How do I get in touch with elexxer.net?
A. You can get in touch with us by either emailing us at : [email protected] or by contact us on any of our social media (we are active on every platform). and you may even write to us through our contact page here.

Q. How do you choose which stories to cover?
A. Stories which seems intresting to the author and to the team. And which are in domain of the blog are usually covered.

Q. Do companies pay you to review their products? Do you keep the gadgets you review?
A. We don't do sponsored products as of yet. but when it will come to that point when we'll start reviewing sponsered products be assured elexxer.net will only do the sponsered posts of the product which the site believes in.

Q. Will you review my product?
A. Sure, shoot us an email of the link of your site (if its a digital product) or send us the product itself (Contact us for the mailing address). And after taking a look at it, we will put out an honest review.

Q. Are you hiring?
A. Yes, Contact us for more details.

Q. Can I reprint elexxer articles?
A. No. And in some special circumstances be sure to take our consent first.

Q. How do I comment?
A. There is a Disqus Comment box below every post, It is super easy to leave a comment.

Q. Why was my comment removed?
A. Because you were probably spamming in the comment section/leaving adult content's link.

Q. I've found a comment in a post that I find offensive, what can I do?
A. Report it to us.

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