About elexxer.net

elexxer.net is all about latest happenings in Technology, which includes Linux, Networking, Crypto (i am more intrested in blockchain as a tech) and also i will try to post some security news. Visitors can expect to see CTF write up's every now and then and also since i am into gaming as well, thus it will be a big part of the website.

Thanks for your visit :P

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About Me:

i go by the name "Elliot Alderson" on Internet.

i am 21 years old guy who is intrested in Technology,Security and Gaming. I am currently in my 3rd year of Engineering with major in Electronics. and i plan to pursue master's in CyberSecurity. Also i've been a part-time crypto trader since late 2015. Before that i was into trading stocks and bonds, And after nearly 3 years of experience (as of November 2018) i think i have some understanding of market sentiments, blockchain and Crypto in general.

I enjoy playing basketball and badminton, love watching TV series and listening to edm (my fav is Deadmau5).

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