Top 30 Rare Fortnite Skins (2018)

So today I will be telling all about the "Top 30 Rare Fortnight Skins" which are available in 2018. So fortnight has been the most popular game of 2018 and it will be continue to be so and the #1 thing in fortnight that everyone is obsessed about is the skins that they have.
Fortnite is one of those games that is constantly pushing out new outfits and so there should be no surprise that there are some rare ones. Some are early releases some hit the shop for a very limited time and while some of them are seasonals .
However there are also some Outfits here which will never be Obtainable within the game again, so if you have got one of them, consider yourself extremely and make sure to hold on to your account.

Now Let's have a look at the "Top 30 Rare Fortnite Skins" of this year!

30. Moniker

This skin is one of the rarest of the rare male skin out there in the game. The skin features
a Moroccan hip hop style of character which rocks a grey hoodie.This skin also features purplish patterns and is paired with a brown Khaki pants. The Purple pattern on the back of body is of a monkey face and that's why the skin is called "monkeys Avatar". This skin represents monkey language & also has depiction of the monkey's business.The cost of Moniker skin is 2000 V-Bucks.

29. Fortune

Fortune is one of the earliest outfit that came out on the store the developer as I think are trying to go with the Arabian girl which is like fortunate and she is a rich girl and the availability of this output is available right now and cost of the scanners is 1200 V-BUCKS.

28. Power Chord

Power cord as I feel while I was researching about this is more of a Punk kind of a girl It's over of open female Costume for fortnite So female only outfit which is designed by Rockstar bunks and it features neon Pink hair and with spiky headbands

27. Chopper

As I was researching to write the surgical I want this another interesting scan it is also quite rare and cost around 1500 be box fortnite job is a part of bike 88 could also be related to road trip battle pass challenges and for some reason it has been discontinued at the present moment what we might possibly be getting the fortnight jobs can later in the near future

26. Renegade Raider

The scan The skin is very hot 20 days and it was the outfit skin and Battle Royale that could be purchased from the season shop after achieving level 20 in season 1 it also appears to be homemade to the comic book series and sequence and consequently film adaptation of tank girl.

25. Dynamo

Dynamo is the name of one of the very rare female skin outfits for the game and this outfit changes the appearance of player but do not have any other added functionality or any other benefits except for the aesthetics part of the peel this outfit is the female version of masked fury this outfit can be bought from cash shop for the price of 1200 box features of Mexican female wrestler wearing a black wrestling mask and it has green stars on it it also features are exotic design that combines the colours of black green red violet and white and it is designed to stand out on the ring

24. Black Knight

Again a very rare outfit and as I have previously mentioned it has a very similar appeal to red night and also it is an outfit skin and Battle Royale that can be obtained as reward from tier 70 of Battle pass season 2 the black shield back Bling skin is bundled with this outfit just like the red night skin The availability of the skin requires the player to reach level 70 in season 2 and one thing I forgot to mention is that Black Knight is the name of one of the legendary male only it is a mail only skin for the game

23. Ragnarok

Ragnarok is the name of one of the most legendary male skin outfit just like any other outfit it just change the appearance of the player but do not have any other added functionality it is the outfit which have the functionality of having unlockable style or should I say more features the skin has six different styles that can be unlocked in game it has like 60 years that one unlock set level 100 of Battle pass season 5 the skin costs 1500 V-Bucks

22. Recon Expert

This outfit skin and Battle Royale can be forces from the item shop and this is a female only outfit Cost of the South theatres 1200 wheebox it is one of those outfit which is Soldier theme it comes with the grey shirt and pants costume comes with a white tank top and grace greenstar Dekho used in military

21. Blue Team Leader

This is a Playstation plus only subscribers outfit as a part of playstation plus celebration pack from the PlayStation store the subscribers may access the this outfit on PC by Linking the Epic games on with the Playstation account one of the rarest outfit that are out there

20. Backbone

One of the rarest outfit that out there can be obtained from the items shop and it costs around 1200 V-Bucks it is based on the set of biker brigades it comes with Road Ready back Bling skin

19. Super Striker

Cost of the software does 1200v bucks is this outfit the name of the software is one of the rear sports themed male outfit for Battle Royale it is among the games customisable themes that can be changed into several designs and patterns the skin was designed keeping in mind to commemorate the 2018 World Cup soccer it can also be customised and changed to represent various countries if it can also be set to feature the numbers 0 to 99 players an also selected Asian to represent that affects outfit dresses patterns and colours among the long list of selection.

18. Drift

Drift outfit was introduced in battle pass season 5 it comes from the family which has the same near the name as the outfit that is drift. there are five different styles of left that maybe unlock by completing drift challenges.This is the name of one of the legendary male skin outfit for the game . it has white sleeveless shirts and some black pants this outfit also features from sleek Golden outlines and black face mask.

17. Midnight Ops

Cost of midnight of cells 1200 box this outfit is a male only for the game Battle Royale it is one of the rarest of rare outfit and is apart of stealth Syndicate set it features a jetBlack suit with red scarf and rad decals all overDus Avtaar also features of stylish mohawk like hairstyle and macho beard and moustache to complete the look there's also has a female version of midnight of outfit and also available and it is called Shadow ops.

16. Blue Squire

Does outside the skin in Battle Royale could be obtained as a reward from Tier 1 of Battle pass season 2 it comes from a family of set called fort knight.Is a rare mediaeval themed outfit that features of Steel bassinet and chain armored body if it comes with blue and white raltech male and blue scarf it comes with a decorative Steel Shield with the symbol of red lion this outfit also has identical female version which is called Royal Knight.

14. Cipher

Cost of this outfit is 1200 Bieber the name of the software is based on female outfits for the game Battle Royale this outfit may also be considered as the female version of circuit breaker outfit cypher is a advance looking outfit that features red and grey skin suit with advanced Optical Sensors and gizmos It comes from the family of set called gizmos this effect can be purchased from item shop

13. Aerial Assault Trooper

Cost of the 1200 wheebox it can be purchased from season shop after achieving level 15 in season 1 Airtel one of the mail battle pass outfit for the game Battle Royale it features dark green camouflage military suit and a black paratrooper helmet and orange decals it also comes with a light brown scarf and one more rare thing about this outfit is that it is not part of any site

12. Ginger Gunner

Cost of this software test 1500 wheebox it is an epic female outfit and was featured in Christmas themed Gingerbread appearance its features tight brown military suit with happy Gingerbread man mask outfit is complemented with red and white decals for a complete Christmas holiday appearance at is must for a pair of Merry Marauder outfit again one of those outside which is not part of any site this outfit can be obtained from items store during the Christmas season

11. Hyperion

Cost of this outfit is 1200 wheebox this outfit has a name of one of the male outfit for the Battle Royale game it has a costume of Gladiator of greasy g r o v e location of the game this outfit is quite similar to female Dazzle outfit it features orange and grey and blue headband comes with dark blue pants and pair of dark boots and orange gloves this costume is not part of any set can be bought from cash shop during its rotation for the standard price of rare outfits

10. Moisty Merman

Cost of this outfit is 2000 v bucksIt has got its name from the legendary male outfit for the game Battle Royale it is all legendary costume that turns your character into creepy looking green marble filled with scales and Spikes details outfit also features a monster mask with many eyes and a big wide mouth this outfit is a reference to the Classic 1954 horror film creature from the black Lagoon this outfit is not a part of any set and this item comes with legendary mertank back Bling.

9. Brilliant Striker

Cost of this outfit is 1200 wheebox it is the name of one of the female outfit of for the game Battle Royale it features of voilet skin tight suit with purple details and straps and a glossy bluish green hair it also features some black heavy boots and pair of black gloves this outfit has a male outfit as well which is called Radiant Striker about which I have discussed above this outfit

8. Yuletide Ranger

Cost of this outfit is 800 the box it is a mail only uncommon outfit for fortnite Battle Royale it is a very uncommon outfit for male character outfit features of fluffy winter h a t and of festive looking Red and Green sweater also comes with a pair of ice blue pants green and white gloves and green and white boots this outfit can be purchased an item shop although it might look like a part of winterset but it is not part of any set

7. Snorkel Ops

Cost of this outfit is 1200 wheebox It is one of the female costumes it is a Aqua themed outfit that features of black swimwear top and aquamarine pants also features orange snorkel and that makes it stand out from similar outfits it is not part of any site this can be obtained from item shop if it is in the rotation

6. Absolute Zero

Cost of this outfit 1200 wheebox absolute zero is a male only outfit that features of white body armour with grey details this costume includes some grey gloves and boots and a white scarf and a pair of black goggles it belongs to the set of Arctic command that features for item including female counterparts called arctic Assassins.

5. Radiant Striker

Cost of the software test 1200 wheebox Radiance tiger is the name of one of the male outfit for the game Battle Royale and this outfit features are red violets sleeveless shirt with purple and pink details and straps and black pants outfit also features some black heavy boots and pair of black gloss this outfit is not part of any set and also the female version is called brilliant striker and that is also available right now also this costume can be b o u g h t right now from cash shop during its rotation.

4. The Reaper

River is also one of the most rarest skins that her out there and fourth night it is a promotional artwork for the famous movie poster of 1983 Gangster film scarface it could be obtained as a reward from here hundred of Battle pass season 3 and it closely resembles the assassins for hire in his Trademark custom suit many Pro players like Ninja refer to this skin as week or John wick

3. Red Knight

The scanners one of the rarest of the rare skin that are available out there at cost around 2000 box and 2003 box and Hotel address 12 extremely rare and money are still getting time to home get hold of the script The scan came out of back when in season 2 many are still trying to get hold of the skin and it has a very similar look as to Black Knight The skin comes with a back shield Bhakti is called red shield and that's the speciality of the skin

2. Skull Trooper

Cost of skirt Upar was 1200 weeks is one of the most Epic outfit of for the game Battle Royale it was introduced as a part of fort nightmares update this outfit features a black military suit costume with the white skeleton painted all over it this was made complete with the skeleton face makeup outfit can be obtained from cash shop for 1200 box the outfit is a part of Weekly item for the week of Halloween

1. Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper is one of the most Epic Costume for the game fortnite Battle Royale was introduced as a part of fortnight match update and it can be bought from cash shop with 1500 V-BUCKs show the speciality of this outfit is that it makes the character looks like goal with a bluish skin this outfit will change your characters appearance into a goal it is only a Cosmetic item does not fit by gameplay And the reason why it is so where is because it has been I only have holiday of its skin in Battle Royale that could be obtained from the item shop in October and November of 2017.

So here i will conclude this article by stating that there are some skins which comes in random rotation, so you have to make sure that you keep in mind those skins and it would be a really great idea to grab them as soon as they become available!

And once again if you got one of these outfits, you better take care of your Account :P.

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